Page 46 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Significant Achievements                       conducted in Feb 2016. Two sets of ordnance
during the year 2016                          (barrel, breech mechanism, muzzle brake) and
                                              recoil system have been realised and proof
ARMAMENTS                                     fired at PXE Balasore at two different occasions
                                              to the maximum achievable pressure of 568
Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS)   MPa (for service pressure of 465 MPa), which
    ARDE has taken up the task of design      is achieved for the first time in the world. For
                                              proof firing of ordnance and recoil system a
and development of 155 mm X 52 calibre        very robust facility of fixed firing stand (FFS)
ATAGS having higher range, accuracy and       has been designed and developed by ARDE
consistency for requirement of Artillery      along with its development partner and is
of lndian Army. The gun system will be        installed and commissioned at PXE Balasore.
compatible to ACCCS-Shakti command and        The complete gun structural and automotive
control network being operational with the    system along with automation and control
lndian Army. ATAGS sub-systems including      system has been realised for two gun systems.
barrel, muzzle brake, breech mechanism,       Integrated testing and factory acceptance test
                                              (FAT) of integrated gun system commenced
First dynamic firing of ATAGS ordnance and     for strength of design trials in Dec 2016 at PXE
                      recoil system           Balasore.

dial sights, recoil system, gun structures,   New Family of Munitions (NFM)
automotive system, automation and control
system, battery command post, surveillance        Six types of munitions are being designed
system and optronic sight are under advanced  and developed by DRDO viz. Soft Target Blast
stages of realisation with different ordnance  Munition 'NIPUN', Anti-Tank Point Attack
factories and private industries. The first    Munition 'VIBHAV', Anti-Tank Bar Munition
dynamic firing of integrated ATAGS ordnance    'VISHAL', Directional Fragmentation Munition
and recoil system on fixed firing stand was     'PARTH', Anti-Tank Munition 'PRACHAND'
                                              and Jumping Fragmentation Munition 'ULKA'
                                              to improve the existing munitions and enhance
                                              its performance. During the year, User trials
                                              of 'NIPUN', ‘VIBHAV’ and ‘VISHAL’ were
                                              completed. Development phase and UATT
                                              trials have been completed successfully for
                                              ‘PARTH’ munition and it is ready to be offered
                                              for Users trials. Trials of 'PRACHAND' were
                                              conducted in May 2016 at Jhansi to check


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