Page 43 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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hazardous wastes/materials, risk hazard         • Design and development of pilot plants
     analysis.                                            for high energy materials and related
                                                          non-explosive chemicals.
• Regulatory Authority: To function as
     regulatory and compliance monitoring            2.2.4 Proof and Experimental
     body as per the specific mandate on fire,         Establishment (PXE)
     explosive and environment safety for
     defence establishment.                              PXE Chandipur is the pioneer test range
                                                     of DRDO for performance evaluation of
2.2.3 High Energy Materials                          conventional armament systems by dynamic
Research Laboratory (HEMRL)                          firing and generating critical ballistic
                                                     parameters. It has played a stellar role in
    HEMRL Pune is engaged in the basic and           timely evaluation of armament stores to
applied R&D of rocket propellants for missiles       support indigenous development as well
and rockets, gun propellants, high explosive         as production. This has helped in meeting
for warheads, pyrotechnics for various               the annual production target of OFB and
applications, synthesis and characterisation of      equipping our Armed Forces with proved
new energetic materials, preparation of nano         ammunitions and equipment. The journey in
materials for various applications and design        this direction during the year 2016 was filled
of pilot plant facilities for scale-up of developed  with challenges for clearing approximately
materials, creation of sophisticated facilities      20,000 rounds which includes Army, Navy
and advanced instrumentation systems for             and R&D trials.
evaluation and characterisation of high energy
materials and related technologies. Some             Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
notable systems developed by the lab include
explosive reactive armour (ERA), mine anti-          • Performance evaluation of different
personnel inflammable (MAPI), canopy                       ammunition and weapon system
severance system (CSS) for fighter aircraft,               through dynamic firing
rocket delivered fuel air explosives (FAE)
warhead system for mine clearance, rocket            • Determination of propellant ballistics
assisted mine breaching system (RAMBS) etc.
                                                     • Consistency and accuracy trials of tank
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                            ammunition

• Basic and applied research on all aspects          • Determination of protection efficiency
     of high energy materials.                            of armour and penetration capability of
• Synthesis and characterization of new
     energetic materials.                            • Performance evaluation of fuzes

• Formulation, design and development                • Failure investigation support in the
     of propellants for guns and rockets, high            event of malfunctioning
     explosives for warheads, pyrotechnics,
     polymeric materials, liners/insulators and      • Flight analysis by high speed
     wide range of pyro devices.                          photography and videography

                                                     • Modelling and simulation of ballistic
                                                          impact of armour

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