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of erstwhile Technical Development               • Development and pilot plant production
Establishments at Jabalpur and at Kirkee, Pune.       of pyro/power cartridges and PZT piezo-
During the initial period, ARDE functioned            ceramics.
from its temporary location at Ammunition
Factory, Kirkee. In 1966 ARDE shifted to         2.2.2 Centre for Fire, Explosive and
its present sprawling location at Pashan,        Environment Safety (CFEES)
Pune. ARDE is a front runner laboratory in
the development of conventional armament             CFEES Delhi is an advisory and regulatory
systems and has fulfilled Users requirements      body for MoD establishments in the area of
from a long time. The multi-disciplinary         fire science & engineering, explosive and
activities of ARDE encompass research, design,   environmental safety. In order to strengthen
development, testing, evaluation and transfer    and enrich the technological basis for the
of technology. ARDE interacts with production    above functions, CFEES also undertakes R&D
agencies such as Ordnance Factory Board          projects with the help of its expertise and
(OFB) and QA agencies. ARDE developed            state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. Detailed
products have undergone rigorous testing         experimental investigation and computational
under varying environmental conditions.          modelling techniques are adopted to validate
Notable systems developed by the laboratory      various systems designs and processes. CFEES
include: 7.62 mm Self-Loading Rifle (SLR),        also conducts regular fire fighting training
7.62 mm rifle and Light Machine Gun (LMG),        programmes for MoD personnel. Some of the
5.56 mm Indian Small Arms System (INSAS),        notable products developed by the laboratory
40 mm Under Barrel Grenade Launcher              include: portable and back pack water mist
(UBGL), Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher System      based fire fighting system, fire suppressing
(MBRLS) ‘Pinaka’, 105 mm Fin Stabilized          gel and instant fire detection and suppression
Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (FSAPDS)        system (IFDSS), to name a few.
for Vijayanta, 120 mm main armament and
ammunition system for MBT Arjun, 450 kg          Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
High Speed Low Drag (HSLD) bomb etc.
                                                 • Fire Science & Engineering: Design,
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                        development, test and evaluation of
                                                      fire safety equipment and systems for
• Design, development and testing &                   mitigation of fire risks for different
     evaluation of conventional armaments.            platforms of defence forces.

• Ballistics and aerodynamics.                   • Explosive Safety: Design and development
                                                      of safe explosive storage structures,
• Weapon, munition and warhead                        methods for hazard classification, blast
     technology.                                      parameter prediction & measurement,
                                                      hardened aircraft shelters, assorted blast
• Multi-barrel artillery rocket launcher              door.
     system technology.
                                                 • Environment Safety: Research, technology
• Fuze and armament electronics.                      development in the field of environment,
                                                      test & evaluation for management of

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