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    ACE cluster is headquartered at Pune          and engineering equipments and systems
and is headed by Sh. PK Mehta, Outstanding        along with their associated technologies and
Scientist. It consists of two major domains viz.  their productionisation through transfer of
armaments and combat vehicles & engineering.      technology (ToT) to the production agencies.
                                                  The systems/platforms include main battle
    Armaments: Research & development             tanks, bridging systems, launchers for
on armaments and explosives was one of            missile applications and wheeled vehicles for
the earliest initiatives taken up by DRDO.        engineering support. Technologies developed
Armaments cluster labs were setup in the          by this cluster include transmission and
1960s and 70s and today has high degree of self   suspension for tracked vehicles, hydro-
reliance in a number of areas viz. ammunitions,   pneumatic systems for launchers, fire control
high energy materials, fire and environmental      and motion control systems. In addition,
safety. The laboratories are:                     emphasis is on the development of technologies
                                                  for accurate forecast and control of avalanches
• Armaments Research and Development              by carrying out scientific studies and
     Establishment (ARDE), Pune                   experimental work in the field of avalanches.
                                                  The following R&D establishments come
• Centre for Fire, Explosives and                 under the purview of this cluster
     Environment Safety (CFEES), Delhi
                                                  • Combat Vehicles Research and
• High Energy Materials Research                       Development Establishment (CVRDE),
     Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune                          Chennai

• Proof and Experimental Establishment            • Defence Terrain Research Laboratory
     (PXE), Chandipur                                  (DTRL), Delhi

    The traditional production partner for this   • Research and Development Establishment
group of labs has been Ordnance Factories              (Engineers), (R&DE(E)), Pune
and together they have produced a number of
products including 5.56 mm Indian small arms      • Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment
system (INSAS) rifle & ammunition, light                (SASE), Chandigarh
machine gun (LMG), 120mm and 125mm tank
gun ammunitions, illuminating ammunition          • Vehicles Research and Development
and anti-tank mines, multi-barrel rocket               Establishment (VRDE), Ahmednagar
launcher system (MBRLS) ‘Pinaka’ most of
which are inducted into the Indian Army.          ARMAMENTS

    Combat Vehicles & Engineering: Combat         2.2.1 Armament Research and
vehicles & engineering focuses on the             Development Establishment
development of land based combat vehicles         (ARDE)

                                                      ARDE Pune was formed by the merger

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