Page 37 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Kaveri Engine             LRUs such as high-speed alternator, integrated
Kaveri engines and four prototypes of Kaveri  compressor casing, strap-on fuel metering
core engines have been realised so far. Five  system, pyro devices and digital engine control
Kaveri engine prototypes are currently        unit. On manufacturing front, technically
undergoing endurance tests at GTRE. During    intensive solutions for the development of
the year 2016, engine testing has been        monolithic casings, blisks and blings out of
completed on 5 prototypes viz. K5, K6, K7,    titanium and nickel based super alloys are
K8 and K9 of Kaveri engine. About 185 hours   involved. STFE shall be subjected to essential
of testing was completed during the year      tests to meet the needs of experimental flight
surpassing the target of 150 hours first time  clearances before delivering to ADE. During
since inception of the project. Two Kaveri    the year, third prototype engine (T3) was
engines were upgraded to demonstrate its      realized and various sub-systems/LRUs viz.
capability in autonomous mode of operation.   alternator, FIS, HOTS oil, PGG and PI were
Manik Engine                                  integrated. Engine starting was demonstrated
                                              using pyro devices (PGG & PI) on T3
    Small Turbo Fan Engine (STFE) is a        (integrated with FIS).
Technology Demonstrator (TD) project for
developing 450kg thrust class for propelling  Full Authority Digital Electronic Controller
Unmanned Air Vehicle. This project involves   (FADEC) for Control of an Aero Engine
development of complex sub-systems and
                                                  The objective is to design and develop
                      Manik Engine            Full Authority Digital Electronic Controller
                                              for Control (FADEC) of an Aero Engine to
                                              meet the requirements of future manned
                                              and unmanned engine programmes of the
                                              country with state-of-the-art electronic design
                                              technologies. FADEC ATE specifications have
                                              been finalized, reviewed and the procurement
                                              of FADEC ATE has been initiated. Route to
                                              certification has been finalized in consultation
                                              with CEMILAC and draft released. Critical
                                              design review (CDR) of FADEC hardware was
                                              also completed during the year.

                                              New Fan with High Inlet Pressure Distortion

                                                  The objective of this project is to design
                                              and develop a Fan with 3.4:1 pressure ratio
                                              and 78 kg/s mass flow in three stages for
                                              future military aircraft. Military aircrafts have
                                              a serpentine air intake for stealth requirement,
                                              due to which the fan will face high pressure
                                              distortion at inlet. Hence, to have good

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