Page 34 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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intended to be in line with Mode-5 currently         system with variable pitch propeller at Kolar
being developed and used by NATO countries.          Air Field. 10 hours endurance flight was
During the year, configuration of IFF for             successfully carried out in Mar 2016 at Kolar
QRSAM was finalized and QRSAM antenna                 Air Field. In total, seven flights of Rustom 1
element was validated.                               were conducted during 2016. Upgradation of
                                                     Lakshya-1 to Lakshya-2 in Lakshya-1 airframe
Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV                   has been completed. Studies to carry out
‘Rustom-II’                                          armament store drop from Lakshya has also
                                                     been completed
    Rustom-II, a multi-mission unmanned
aerial vehicle (UAV) is being developed with         Panchi (Nishant-W)
an endurance of 24 hours to carry out the
intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance            ADE has taken up the development
(ISR) roles for the three Armed Forces. It is        of ‘Panchi’ for modifying UAV Nishant
                                                     for conventional take-off and landing to
                                                     reduce the turn round time and increase the
                                                     number of landings as compared to the hydro
                                                     pneumatic launched version. ‘Panchi’ has
                                                     been developed with an endurance of 6 hours
                                                     and a command range of 200 km. During the

               First flight of Rustom-II                                        Panchi

capable of carrying different payloads viz. EO/       year, new data link was integrated and taxi
IR, SAR, ELINT/ COMINT to perform missions           trials completed. 65 BHP engine motoring
during day and night. As on date, seven              trials were also completed at NAL. Drag was
airframes (AFs) have been realized. During the       simulated with flights of electro-optic payload.
year, a total of 200 taxi trials (both low and high  Avionics architecture was standardized across
speed) were completed. DRDO successfully             platforms. Upgraded wing-empennage has
carried out the first design validation               been realized.
flight (DVF) of Rustom-II with AF3 from
Aeronautical Test Range (ATR), Chitradurga           Sub-sonic Cruise Missile ‘Nirbhay’
in Nov 2016. The flight accomplished the main
objectives of proving the flying platform, such           Nirbhay is India’s first indigenously
as take-off, bank, level flight and landing etc.       designed and developed long range sub-
Development of indigenous payloads is under          sonic cruise missile having 1000 km range and
progress at different DRDO labs.


    During the year, flight of second
platform of Rustom-I UAV was conducted
for monitoring and evaluation of propulsion

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