Page 33 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Gwalior during Nov 2016 with very good           of aircraft being a major task is under progress
performance of integrated systems. System        with completion of aircraft negotiations and
evaluation of PR, IFF and ESM/RWR multi          preparation of contract during the year. The
emitter scenario was done by OPS team. The       development of critical system ‘Airborne
training of one set of Air Force personnel for   Active Electronically Scanned Antenna’
operation and maintenance crew, in addition      for surveillance of primary and IFF radar
to documentation etc. has been completed.        comprising of the front-end electronics,
AEW&C is likely to be inducted to the IAF in     power supplies, composite radome, structural
early 2017.                                      assembly, thermal assembly for cooling of the
                                                 front-end electronics and software for handling
Post Development Support for AEW&C System        the complete systems is under progress.
(PDSAS)                                          Conceptual design and detailed structural
                                                 analysis design to meet the properties of FAR-
    The interim infrastructure for induction of  25 regulation and detailed design of the AESA
the first two indigenous systems at the IAF base  module (transmit/Rx module), RF manifolds
is fully ready. All the requisite maintenance    and antenna has been completed.
support such as ground equipment, spares
etc. are being procured. An Engineering          AESA Based Integrated Sensor Suit (ABISS) for
and Lifecycle Support Agency (ELSA) is           Maritime and Pollution Surveillance
being trained to take over the complete
maintenance of the mission systems from              The requirements of 6 nos. of the multi-
CABS. Maintenance contracts for the aircraft     mission maritime aircraft (MMMA) were
and its engines with the respective OEM’s        projected by the ICG and the project is being
have been put in place. AEW&C mission            considered to be taken up as ‘MAKE following
operator training towards induction has been     DRDO procedures’ with CABS as the nodal
completed. MSA maintenance training for          agency subsequent to requisite approvals.
air warriors started from 22nd Aug 2016 and      Many of the systems such as mission computer,
completed on 24th Dec 2016. User hand book,      OWS, CSM, communication systems, GES,
technical manual & maintenance manual            OTS and ATE etc. are being proposed to
for 15 sub-systems (42 manuals) completed        be utilized in the MMMA systems. During
in JSS 0251 format & certified by CEMILAC         the year, a lead in project for MMMA viz.
and released to AFPT. Operator manuals           AESA based integrated sensor suit ‘ABISS’
(C2, ESM, CSM, ATE, WBMAS, OTS, MIPAS)           was taken up by the laboratory. Preliminary
completed and released to AFPT. AEW&C            specifications of AESA based maritime patrol
MSA wiring documents (18 manuals) certified       radar are completed and requirement capture
by CEMILAC and released to AFPT. Training        and preliminary design for AESA based
to ELSA personnel completed on all mission       maritime patrol radar is in progress.
systems of AEW&C. 10 ELSA personnel are
qualified for carrying out the daily inspection   IFF Mk II (A) System Variants
(DI) of mission systems.
                                                     A new project ‘Development of IFF Mk XII
Airborne Warning and Control System (India)      (A) System Variants’ was sanctioned to CABS
                                                 during the year to address the technological
    The programme envisages the development      and product level aspects of next generation
of six systems in two phases. The procurement    national secure mode (NGNSM). NGNSM is

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