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LCA Navy

    LCA Navy is designed to operate from                            AEW&C System
the deck of aircraft carriers and incorporates
stronger landing gear to absorb forces exerted   was carried out by OPS team of IAF at
during the ski jump ramp during take-off.         Jodhpur under both day and night conditions
A total of 115 flights (as on 21st Dec 2016)      during Dec 2016 to check the overall system
have been completed on the two LCA Navy          performance of AEW&C.
prototypes, a two seat trainer (NP1) aircraft
and a single seat fighter (NP2) aircraft. NP2         Ground based systems for AEW&C
aircraft participated in DefExpo 2016. Other     viz. mission planning and analysis station
trials included ski-jump launch from SBTF, ski-  (MIPAS), operator training station (OTS),
jump/night ski-jump from RGS, fuel dumping       automated test equipment (ATE), ground
trials, LEVCON -30Ëš sorties, approach trials,    exploitation system (GES) and WB microwave
hot refueling, short take-off from landing area   analysis station (WBMAS) have been shifted
with deck pressure and high sink rate landing.   to User base (Bhatinda) and the installation
                                                 work has been completed. The ground systems
Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C)       namely, MIPAS, OTS, ATE and WBMAS were
System                                           demonstrated to VCAS at Bhatinda during his
                                                 visit in May 2016. One deliverable GES unit
    The AEW&C System consists of sensors         has been shifted to Jodhpur by road and is
mounted on an aircraft, for locating and         fully operational. First level of integration with
providing early warning to air and ground        integrated air command and control system
stations of airborne & sea surface targets, and  (IACCS) node has been completed. Second GES
hostile emissions. All the mission systems       system has been shifted to Bhatinda by air. The
namely active electronically scanned array       installation of the same has been completed
(AESA) based primary radar (PR), secondary       and tested during the flight trials at Bhatinda.
surveillance radar or identification friend
or foe (IFF), electronic support measures            The aircraft participated in ‘Iron Fist’
(ESM), communication support measures            campaign at Jodhpur during Mar 2016,
(CSM), C-band data link (CBDL) for line of       showcasing the capabilities of AEW&C.
sight, Ku-band data link (KBDL), mission         AEW&C data during flights was displayed
communication system (MCS), mission system       on IACCS MST node at Jodhpur. The aircraft
controller (MSC), operator work station          also participated in Akraman exercise in
(OWS), power control unit (PCU), electrical
power distribution control panel (EDCP) have
been integrated on the first two aircrafts and
the developmental trials carried out during
the flight campaign at AF Station, Bhatinda.
The system integration on the third aircraft is
under progress. Flight campaign of AEW&C
was carried out at Jodhpur during Jun 2016.
Flight trials were also carried out at Bhatinda
during Jun - Aug 2016 for evaluation of
AEW&C system. Flight campaign at Jodhpur

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