Page 31 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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conceptual design, performance prediction          Significant Achievements during
and simulation of gas turbine engines,             the year 2016
computational fluid dynamic analysis,
development of control law for aero gas            Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) ‘Tejas’
turbine engines as full authority engine
control systems, structural and aerodynamic            Indigenously developed LCA is an
testing and analysis, design of high speed aero    advanced technology, supersonic, light
engine gearbox, development of advanced            weight, all-weather, multi-role fighter aircraft
data acquisition system and advanced               designed for multiple combat roles. Currently
manufacturing technologies.                        there are 13 Tejas aircrafts undergoing flight
                                                   trials (including Naval version). As on 31st
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                     Dec 2016, a total of 3310 flight tests on 16
                                                   Tejas aircrafts have been completed. Tejas
• Conceptual design and performance                production phase has been initiated. ‘Tejas’
      prediction of gas turbine engines.
                                                            LCA Tejas at Bahrain Air Show
• Design, development, testing and
      evaluation of: fan and compressor,           made its international debut in Jan 2016 with
      combustor, turbine, afterburner and          participation in the Bahrain International Air
      exhaust nozzle, rotor support and internal   Show. In the company of F22 of USA and
      flow system and accessory drive gear box.     Euro fighters, it demonstrated impressive
                                                   maneuvers which were well appreciated. It
• Digital engine control system & engine           also participated in IAF exercise Iron Fist in
      instrumentation.                             Mar 2016. Air-to-air missiles and laser guided
                                                   bombs (air to ground weapon) were fired to
• Testing to meet certification of engine and       showcase multirole capability during the
      sub-systems.                                 exercise. The milestone event was the formal
                                                   induction of LCA when HAL handed over the
2.1.5 Centre for Military                          first two Tejas aircrafts to IAF at a ceremony
Airworthiness and Certification                     held at ASTE Bengaluru on 1st Jul 2016 which
(CEMILAC)                                          will make up the ‘Flying Daggers’ 45, the
                                                   name of the first squadron of LCA. Air to
    CEMILAC Bengaluru with its 14 Regional         ground weapon trials were concluded at IAF
Centers of Military Airworthiness (RCMAs),         base Jaisalmer in Oct 2016. Establishment of
spread all over India, each with a specific         production facilities at Hindustan Aeronautics
core competence are mandated to carry out          Limited (HAL) for production rate of 8 aircrafts
airworthiness certification of military aircrafts,  per annum is in progress.
aero engines and airborne stores (which
includes weapon systems, aircraft integrated
missiles and materials) being designed and
developed by DRDO laboratories, Ordnance
Factories, Public Sectors Units and the

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