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lighter-than-air (LTA) systems, recovery            • Heavy drop systems
systems and floatation systems. ADRDE
has already developed various products              • Large size aerostat
including personnel and ejection seat
parachutes, recovery parachutes, armament           • Airships including stratospheric airship
and ammunition delivery systems, brake
parachutes and heavy drop systems. The lab          • Inflatable radome
has successfully participated in space-capsule
recovery experiment (SRE) mission of ISRO by        2.1.3 Centre for Air Borne Systems
designing the optimum parachute & flotation          (CABS)
system and now contributing by designing
parachute system for prestigious human space            CABS Bengaluru was entrusted with the
program (HSP) of the country. Keeping pace          responsibility of design, development, testing,
with the global trend in relevant technological     evaluation and certification of state-of-the-
arena, the laboratory has developed a state         art airborne surveillance systems. Presently,
of the art LTA systems like ‘Nakshatra’, an         this lab as the nodal agency in the country is
aerostatic platform (operational altitude of 1      tasked to develop complex airborne systems.
km) for surveillance purpose, using COMINT/         The laboratory acts as a system house and
ELINT payload, unmanned small airship               an integration agency, utilizing all available
system etc. The establishment also provides         infrastructure and expertise in the country
technical product support to the armed forces       for development of electronic force multiplier
for their existing services stores and equipment    (EFM) technologies focusing on AEW&C/
in the relevant field. Life extension studies for    AWACS systems.
various existing products are also undertaken
by ADRDE depending upon needs of the                Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
Users. ADRDE possess a strong base of textile
engineering & has developed production              • Airborne surveillance systems including
partners especially in the area of textiles, metal        carrying out structural modification of
components, mechanical structures, textile &              aircraft for mounting of systems.
mechanical fabrication, electronics etc.
                                                    • Integration and flight testing of mission
                                                          systems on airborne platforms.

                                                    • Microwave technologies.

Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                      2.1.4 Gas Turbine Research
                                                    Establishment (GTRE)
• Aerodynamic decelerators: parachute
     aerodynamics and aerospace textiles                GTRE Bengaluru is involved in the
                                                    design and development of aero and marine
• Aerial delivery platform of up to 16T class       gas-turbine engines and their derivatives
                                                    for defence applications. In addition, GTRE
• Aircraft arrester barrier systems using           is responsible for establishing the requisite
     hydraulics (water twister technology)          testing and prototype manufacturing facilities
                                                    for components and full scale engine. Major
• Controlled aerial delivery system                 technology disciplines covered are aero-
                                                    thermodynamic design of turbo-machinery,
• Lighter-than-air & floatation systems

• Parachute and flotation system for 3T
     class space payloads

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