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    Aeronautics cluster which is                  Further, the lab has expanded its R&D
headquartered at Bengaluru and headed             horizon and has been involved in design and
by Dr. CP Ramanarayanan, Distinguished            development of air-launched expendable
Scientist handles some of the most complex        target aircraft systems, pilot training
and cutting edge technologies in systems          simulators, re-usable rocket pods, head-up
development viz. aerodynamics, propulsion,        displays, electro-optic sensors, flight control
navigation, guidance and surveillance. These      system evaluation, glass fiber reinforced plastic
pertain to major systems like manned and          radome, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) of
unmanned aircrafts, aero engines, lighter-        two classes - the high speed UAV (i.e. PTA) for
than-air systems, air-borne surveillance etc.     realistic simulation of enemy aircraft and low
R&D in such areas is carried out by a cluster of  speed UAVs (i.e. RPV) for reconnaissance and
four laboratories namely,                         surveillance purposes and digital fly-by-wire
                                                  FCS for Light Combat Aircraft. The laboratory
• Aeronautical Development Establishment          has delivered some very notable products/
     (ADE), Bengaluru                             technologies to the Services viz. remotely
                                                  piloted vehicle (RPV) ‘Nishant’, pilotless target
• AerialDeliveryResearchandDevelopment            aircraft (PTA) ‘Lakshya’, airborne guidance &
     Establishment (ADRDE), Agra                  control system (AGCS), computerized pilot
                                                  selection system (CPSS), avionics part task
• Centre for Air Borne System (CABS),             trainer (APTT) etc.
                                                  Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
• Gas Turbine Research Establishment
     (GTRE), Bengaluru                            • Pilotless target aircrafts

     Additionally, design validation and          • Unmanned aerial vehicles
     certification of aeronautical stores is
     carried out by:                              • Flight simulation

• Centre for Military Air-worthiness and          • Combat aircraft systems
     Certification (CEMILAC), Bengaluru
                                                  • Flight control systems
    Aeronautical Development Agency
(ADA), a society under DRDO spearheading          • Cockpit display systems
the LCA programme is a major contributor to
DRDO initiatives in the Aero domain.              • Air weapons

2.1.1 Aeronautical Development                    2.1.2 Aerial Delivery Research
Establishment (ADE)                               and Development Establishment
    ADE Bengaluru was established with
the mandate to support the acquisition of             ADRDE Agra is engaged in design and
equipment by the IAF and type approval of         development of parachute system, aerial
aeronautical stores supplied by the industry.     delivery systems, aircraft arrester barrier
                                                  systems, controlled aerial delivery system,

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