Page 23 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Manpower                                             alignment to future technology needs.
                                                     This kind of project is normally taken up
    DRDO has a total strength of 24,578              with academia involvement and includes
employees, out of which 7,410 are in Defence         a quantum of analysis and simulation
Research and Development Services (DRDS),            modules.
9,297 in Defence Research and Technical Cadre
(DRTC), 7,871 are in Admin & Allied Cadre.      • Infrastructure & Facilities (IF): Projects
                                                     which are typically advanced test and
Budget                                               qualification facilities, which are not direct
                                                     procurement cases are created through IF
    During the current financial year 2016-17,        projects. For the development of state-
DDR&D has been allocated Rs. 13,593.78 Cr            of-the-art technologies, such facilities
(BE) which is about 5.5% of the total Defence        have to be created ahead or at the pace
Budget. A total of Rs. 6,865.73 Cr has been          of the developments. It is essentially a
allocated under Capital head and Rs. 6,728.05        capital investment which plays a major
Cr under Revenue head.                               role in validating the technology/system
Projects & Programmes
                                                • Product Support (PS): Projects in this
    DRDO projects are categorized as follows:        category are aimed at up gradation
                                                     of existing systems in production or
• Mission Mode (MM): These are taken                 maintenance/technical support of the
     up based on Users requirements with             system for a limited period.
     stringent time lines and normally involve
     more than one lab with Users having a      • User Trials (UT): The scope of this newly
     major say in steering the project. This         launched sixth category of projects will
     kind of project normally depends on             cover conduct of User trials including
     technologies that are proven or readily         DRDO support during the trials. The
     accessible either within DRDO/India or          projects which will be taken under this
     from abroad at short notice.                    category are those which have been
                                                     completed in MM and the highest
• Technology Demonstration (TD): These               monitoring committee in its last review
     are normally initiated by DRDO as feeder        has recommended taking of the user
     technologies for future or imminent MM          trials project. The project proposal will
     projects. These are funded and monitored        be formulated with identified work share
     by DRDO with little or limited User             between User, Production Agency and
     inputs. The purpose is to develop, test         DRDO.
     and demonstrate a particular technology.
     Modules of this may be developed by            DRDO has brought out revised structured
     industry and design/analysis packages by   guidelines on procedures to be adopted
     academia.                                  for Project Formulation and Management.
                                                Emphasis is being laid on two major factors: (i)
• Science & Technology (S&T): These             extensive pre-project activity (PPA) consisting
     are normally of basic research/applied     of detailed feasibility study report, peer
     research type taken up by labs with        review review committee, preliminary design

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