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    DRDO also has three human resource              In addition, Department of Defence R&D
institutions i.e. Centre for Personnel          has one autonomous body viz. Aeronautical
Talent Management (CEPTAM), Institute           Development Agency at Bengaluru, one joint
of Technology Management (ITM) and              venture viz. BrahMos Aerospace at Delhi and
Recruitment and Assessment Centre (RAC).        one Deemed university viz. Defence Institute
There are also three certification agencies      of Advance Technology (DIAT) at Pune.
under DRDO’s fold i.e. Centre for Military
Airworthiness and Certification (CEMILAC)        DRDO Headquarters
for airworthiness products, Centre for Fire
Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES)            DRDO headquarters (HQ) at Delhi,
for fire and explosives and Scientific Analysis   which coordinates the overall functioning
Group (SAG) for grading of information          of the organisation, is an interface between
security products. These certification agencies  the Government and the cluster HQs and
provide services not just for DRDO but other    laboratories. There are five Chief Controllers
organisations of Government of India as well.   R&D (CC R&D) to oversee the activities of
Additionally, Regional Centers for Military     the corporate HQ The organisation chart of
Airworthiness (RCMAs) under the aegis of        corporate HQ is given in Table 2. In addition,
CEMILAC are located at different stations        there is a CC R&D who functions as CEO &
all over the country. Four research boards      MD BrahMos - the Indo Russian joint venture
(Aeronautics, Naval, Armaments and Life         in which DRDO is a partner.
Sciences) function under DRDO funding to
provide thrust to basic research in academia
in the areas of strategic importance.

                         Table 2: Corporate Structure of DRDO

      Chief Controllers                                        Corporate HQ
                         Centre for Personnel Talent Management (CEPTAM), Defence Institute
   CC R&D (HR)           of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Defence Scientific Information and
                         Documentation Center (DESIDOC), Human Resource Development (HRD),
   CC R&D (R&M)          Institute of Technology and Management (ITM), Personnel, Public Interface,
                         Recruitment and Assessment Centre (RAC), Right to Information (RTI) Cell
   CC R&D (PC & SI)
                         Budget Finance and Accounts (BF&A), Civil Works and Estates (CW&E),
   CC R&D (TM)           Defence Technology Commission (DTC) Sectt., Management Services,
   CC R&D (SAM)          Material Management, Parliamentary Affairs, Planning and Coordination
                         (P&C), Programme Office (PO-I & PO-II), Rajbhasha and O&M, Vigilance
                         and Security (V&S)

                         Industry Interface and Technology Management (IITM), Interaction with
                         Services for Business (ISB), International Cooperation (IC) and JVs, Low
                         Intensity Conflicts (LIC), Quality, Reliability and Safety (QR&S), SA to
                         Chiefs, Technical Advisors Abroad

                         Extramural Research and Intellectual Property Rights (ER&IPR), Futuristic
                         Technology Management (FTM), Research Boards, Research Innovation
                         Center (RIC), Centers of Excellence

                         Institute for Systems Studies and Analyses (ISSA), Simulation and Modeling
                         Centre (SAM-C)

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