Page 167 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 167

SFU      Safety & Functioning Unit
SLR      Self-Loading Rifle
SLS      Selective Laser Sintering
SMT      SATCOM messaging terminal
SoC      System-on-Chip
SOTM     SATCOM on the move terminal
SP       Self-Propelled
SPMB     Self-Propelled Mine Burier
SRE      Space-capsule recovery experiment
SS       Single Shot
SSDD     System segment design document
SSL      Skid Steer Loaders
STFE     Small Turbo Fan Engine
T/R      Transmit/Receive
T2SL     Type Two Super Lattice Detector
T2SL_TI  Two Super Lattice Detector (T2SL) and Thermal Imager
TA       Transfer Alignment
TB       Thermo-baric
TCFF     Tandem Combat Free Fall
TCT      Transporter cum Tilter
TD       Technology Demonstration
THAR     Terrain Assessment System for Trans-border Desert in Western Sector
ToT      Transfer of Technology
TUSHAR   The USHUS Augmentation for Reliability
TWDL     Two Way Data Link
TWT      Travelling Wave Tubes
UAV      Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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