Page 166 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 166


    RTI       Right to Information
    RTRS      Rail Track Rocket Sled
    RUPAK     RUpanPrAtirupan Kendra
    RWJ       Radar Warning Jammer
    RWR       Radar Warning Receiver
    S&T       Science & Technology
    SA to RM  Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri
    SAAS      Situational Awareness and Analysis System
    SAAW      Smart Anti Air Field Weapon
    SAG       Scientific Analysis Group
    SAM-C     Simulation and Modeling Centre
    SANT      Stand-off Anti-Tank Guided Missile
    SAPs      Soft Armor Panels
    SAR       Synthetic Aperture Radar
    SAW       Surface Acoustic Wave
    SB        Short Burst
    SBM       Short Burn Missile
    SDMB      Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcast
    SDR       Software Defined Radio
    SDR       Sketch Design Review
    SDR-AR    SDR-Airborne
    SDR-HH    SDR-Hand held
    SDR-MP    SDR Manpack
    SDR-NC    SDR-Naval Combat
    SDR-TAC   SDR-Tactical
    SFD       Submarine Fired Decoy
    SFDR      Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet

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