Page 165 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 165

PO     Programme Office
POC    Proof of Concept
PPFM   Procedures for Project Formulation & Management
PR     Primary Radar
PRSV   Pressure release safety valve
PS     Product Support
PTA    Pilotless Target Aircraft
PTSS   Psychological Test and Selection Systems
PUF    Polyurethane foam
QIMs   Quarterly interaction meetings
QR&S   Quality, Reliability and Safety
QRSAM  Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile
QTRMs  Quad Transmit Receive Modules
RAC    Recruitment and Assessment Centre
RAMBS  Rocket assisted mine breaching system
RCD    Requirement capture document
RCMAs  Regional Centers of Military Airworthiness
RCS    Radar Cross Section
RCWS   Remote Controlled Weapon System
RF     Radio Frequency
RFPS   Radar Finger Printing System
RIC    Research Innovation Center
RINS   Ring Laser Gyroscope Based Inertial Navigation System
RLG    Ring Laser Gyro
ROICs  Read Out Integrated Circuits
RPL    Radio Photo Luminescence
RPV    Remotely Piloted Vehicle

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