Page 163 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 163

MET      Maintenance Evaluation Trials
MFD      Multi function Display
MFFR     Mahajan Field Firing Range
MFME     Minefield Marking Equipment
MFR      Multi Function Radar
MHA      Ministry of Home Affairs
MiADMSA  Monoisoamyldimercaptosuccinic acid
MIDHANI  Mishra Dhatu Nigam
MIGM     Mine Influence Ground Mine
MINGS    MEMS based inertial navigation system
MIPAS    Mission Planning And Analysis Station
MLC      Military Load Class
MLP      Missile Launch Processor
MLS      Mobile Launcher System
MM       Mission Mode
MMHG     Multi Mode Hand Grenade
MMMA     Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft
MM-UT    Mission Mode (User Trials)
MOC      Memoranda of Collaboration
MOCVD    Metal Oxide Chemical Vapour Deposition
MPM      Microwave Power Modules
MPR      Medium Power Radar
MRFU     Modified receiver front-end unit
MRLG     Mini Ring Laser Gyroscope
MRSAM    Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missiles
MSC      Mission System Controller
MSCP     Multi-spectral Camouflage Paints

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