Page 161 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 161

IIR       Imaging Infra Red
IISc      Indian Institute of Science
IITM      Industry Interface and Technology Management
IMS       Ion Mobility Spectrometry
IMWG      Intra-Ministerial-Working-Group
INSAS     Indian small arms system
INS-SA    Inertial Navigation System for Ship Applications
IOC       Initial Operational Clearance
IPE       Individual Protective Equipment
IPR       Intellectual Property Rights
ISAFE     IT Product Security Assurance Framework and Evaluation
ISB       Interaction with Services for Business
ITAD      Inhalation Therapy for Alveolar Deposition
ITM       Institute of Technology Management
ITR       Integrated Test Range
ITS       Integrated transportation system
IUCT      Integrated User Confirmatory Trials
JATC      Joint Advanced Technology Centre
JCBCAT    Jagadish Chandra Bose Centre of Advanced Technology
KBDL      Ku-band data link
LaCSMI    Laser Cross Section Measurement Instrumentation System
LBMFSTAR  Long Range Detection and Tracking Radar
LBP       Land Based Prototype
LCA       Light Combat Aircraft
LCSE      Low Cost Surveillance Equipment
LFRJ      Liquid Fuel Ramjet Engine
LIC       Low Intensity Conflicts

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