Page 160 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 160


    ICP     Intra Cranial Pressure
    HIDA    High Speed Communication Interface for Distributed Avionics Architecture
    HILS    Hardware-in-loop simulation
    HIMANT  Hyper-spectral Imaging for Terrain Diagnosis
    HPEM    High Power Electromagnetic
    HPL     High Power Laser
    HQ      Headquarters
    HRD     Human Resource Development
    HRG     Hemispherical Resonating Gyroscope
    HSLD    High Speed Low Drag
    HSP     Human Space Program
    HST     Handheld SATCOM terminal
    IACCS   Integrated Air Command and Control system
    IADS    Indigenous integrated architecture & display systems
    IAF     Indian Air Force
    IAIS    Indian Automatic Identification System
    IB      Intelligence Bureau
    IC      International Cooperation
    IC      Impulse Cartridge
    ICD     Interface control definition
    ICSS    Integrated Coastal Surveillance System
    ICV     Infantry Command Vehicle
    IDFT    Instrumented Development Flight Tests
    IF      Infrastructure & Facilities
    IFDS    Instant Fire Detection and Suppression System
    IFF     Identification Friend or Foe
    IFR     International Fleet Review

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