Page 157 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 157

CFT      Captive Flight Trials
CMF      Counter Mine Flail
CMs      Canisterised Missiles
CNR      Combat Net Radio
COMINT   Communication Intelligence
CoPT     Centre of Propulsion Technology
CP       Centrifugal Pump
CPSS     Computerized Pilot Selection System
CS       Cyber Security
CSIR     Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSM      Communication Support Measures
CSR      Coastal Surveillance Radar
CSS      Canopy Severance System
CSWS     Corner Shot Weapon System
CW       Continuous Wave
CW&E     Civil Works and Estates
DAC      Defence Acquisition Council
DAE      Department of Atomic Energy
DAQ      Data Acquisition System
DBF      Digital Beam Forming
DBF&A    Directorate of Budget, Finance and Accounts
DCMAWS   Dual Colour Missile Approach Warning System for Fighter Aircraft
DG DRDO  Director General DRDO
DIAT     Defence Institute of Advance Technology
DISB     Directorate of Interaction with Services for Business
DMC      Display and Mission Computer
DMIDE    Development of Molecular Imaging Drugs and Enhancers

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