Page 156 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 156


    ATE         Automated Test Equipment
    ATGM        Anti-tank Guided Missile
    ATR         Aeronautical Test Range
    AUGV        Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle
    AULWS       Anti-UAV laser weapon system
    AUW         All Up Weight
    AWC         Army War College
    AWSN        Assessment of snowpack stability over a slope using
                Wireless Sensor Network
    BCC         Battery Command Centre
    BF&A        Budget Finance and Accounts
    BMCS        Bi-modular Charge System
    BML         Bar Mine Layer
    BOSS        Border Surveillance System
    BPJ Bullet  Proof Jacket
    BSBs        Bank Seat Beams
    CAM         Chemical Agent Monitor
    CBDL        C-band data link
    CCC         Canadian Commercial Corporation
    CCNM        Certification of Naval Materials
    CCPT        Carrier Command Post Tracked
    CCS         Cabinet Committee on Security
    CDR         Critical design review
    CDU         Control and Display Unit
    CEP         Continuing Education Programme
    CEPTAM      Centre for Personnel Talent Management
    CFF         Combat Free Fall

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