Page 155 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 155


A2D2S2      Army Air Defence Deployment Simulator System
AAFL        Akash Air Force Launcher
AAL         Akash Army Launcher
AAP         Annual Acquisition Plan
ABISS       AESA Based Integrated Sensor Suit
ACADA       automatic chemical agent detector and alarm
ACE         Armament and Combat Engineering Systems
AE          Acoustic Emission
AERO        Aeronautical Systems
AERV        Armoured Engineer Recce Vehicle
AESA        Active Electronically Scanned Array
AEW&C       Airborne Early Warning and Control
AFITT       Automated File Integrity Testing Tool
AGCS        Airborne Guidance & Control System
AIDSS       Advanced Indigenous Distress Sonar System
AIP         Air Independent Propulsion
ALTAS       Advance Light Towed Array Sonar
ANFO        Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil
APTT        Avionics Part Task Trainer
Arjun ARRV  Arjun Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle
ASM         Air to Surface Missile
ASW         Anti-Submarine Warfare
ATAGS       Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System
ATD         Air Traffic Display

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