Page 151 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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    The year 2016 witnessed the successful      HUMSA-UG, AIDSS, NACS.
completion of a number of products which
were in the final stages of development &            DRDO has today made efforts to identify
testing. The most notable, was the Induction    & focus on acceptance of at least two products
of LCA Tejas which was the milestone success    each year from each cluster. This should
of Department of Defence R&D, achieved          result in concentrated efforts in a phase wise
after decades of challenging development &      manner on critical systems & products which
testing efforts. This was followed by clearance  are needed by the Services. With dedicated
accorded by DAC for procurement of 83 nos.      efforts to indigenize critical technologies,
of LCA at a cost of about Rs 50,000 Cr which    in coordination with Indian Industry &
marks the single biggest production order on    academia, DRDO is ardently pursuing the
our development efforts. There were further      National Mission of Design & Make in India in
successes in terms of acceptance by the Indian  a bid to ensure complete self reliance in critical
Navy of 'Varunastra', DRDO’s heavy weight       Defence systems.
torpedo, NPOL products namely Abhay,

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