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               Table 7: DRDO related questions in the Parliament

      House         Starred/  Budget Session       Monsoon   Winter Session  Total
The Lok Sabha                                       Session
The Lok Sabha     Unstarred             -                            03        04
Total          Starred                 12               01           17        41
               UnStarred                -               12            -         -
               Starred                 05                -           02        12
               UnStarred               17               05           22        57

7.4 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY                          released by Hon’ble RM for use by all DRDO
RIGHTS (IPR)                                       labs/estts. DPP-2016 was launched by MoD
                                                   with certain special provisions aimed at
    145 IPR applications (including 03 in          DRDO in terms of a category IDDM and para
foreign countries) were processed for filing        72 for D&D programs.
on products/process covering various fields
of armaments, electronics, instrumentation,        7.6 QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND
materials, biomedical sciences, food               SAFETY (QR&S)
technology etc. for providing legal protection
to innovations of DRDO scientists. 44 patents          Directorate of Quality, Reliability & Safety
(including 05 in foreign countries) were           (DQR&S) is responsible for formulation of
granted during the period. In addition, 04         DRDO policies covering Quality, Reliability &
copyrights and 07 designs were registered          Safety and their implementation.
in India. In order to promote IPR awareness
among DRDO scientists, five IPR awareness           Implementation of Safety Policy in DRDO
programmes were held during the period.
                                                   � Explosives Audit: Explosive safety audit
7.5 PROJECT MANAGEMENT                                  by CFEES was pursued for compliance
                                                        with DRDO safety policy of DMRL,
    Procedures for Project Formulation &                DRDL, RCI, ACEM & organised 79th
Management (PPFM) of DRDO was revised                   STEC on 23rd Nov 2016 at DRDO HQ.
and released this year and some of the major
changes brought out in the revised document        � Safety & Fire Manual: Safety and fire
are: selection of projects based on attribute           manuals of ARDE and DLJ have been
scale, enhanced pre-project ground work,                reviewed in line with DRDO safety policy.
project costing guidelines, introduction of new
category of project User Trials (UT) and detailed  � EnvironmentalSafetyAudit:Environment
guidelines on project sanction, execution,              and process safety audit of 16 labs have
closure and way forward. Corporate review               been carried out by team comprising of
of 11 labs were conducted to assess the health          CFEES and DQR&S viz. VRDE, NMRL,
of the lab in terms of corporate functioning            ITR, PXE, TBRL, CVRDE, DIPAS, INMAS,
and to assess & resolve issues affecting lab             LASTEC, SSPL, DRDE, DIBER, DMSRDE,
effectiveness. Procurement Manual-2016                   NPOL, ACEM & DMRL.
which incorporates, at one place, the rules
and guidelines and the processes involved          � Industrial Safety Audit: DQR&S has
for procurement of goods and services was               initiated to conduct internal safety audit
                                                        of DRDO labs viz. GTRE, HEMRL,

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