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7.1 AUDIT                                              reply the issues raised by the audit authorities
                                                       at different levels. The directorate initiates
    Comptroller and Auditor General of                 corrective actions in the organisation as and
India audits the organisation through the              when it becomes necessary.
Director General of Audit, Defence Services to
ensure compliance of standing financial rules                    Table 6 gives the status of Draft/
and practices. It also conducts performance            Audit/Performance Draft Audit and
audit of the organisation from time to time.           Performance Audit paras received from the
Organisation’s HQ has a directorate namely             office of C&AG and figured in the C&AG
Budget, Finance and Accounts (DBF&A) for               report for the year 2016.
interaction with the audit authorities to clarify/

                  Table 6: Status of the C&AG Draft/Audit Paras related to DRDO

Category          Outstanding   Issues raised          Responded during Outstanding as on
                       as on   during the year
Draft Audit                                            the year 2016             15.12.2016
Par                15.12.2015         2016
Audit Para               2                             10 2
(DRDO)                                  10
Performance              4
Draft Audit Para                                    587

Performance       1                                 2  3                         2

Audit Para

7.2 CYBER SECURITY                                     7.3 DRDO IN PARLIAMENT

    Directorate of Cyber Security has carried              Directorate of Parliamentary Affairs
out the following during the year:                     (DPA) deals with all the Parliament matters
                                                       concerning Dept of Defence R&D; all matters
• Revision of DRDO information security                related to Parliamentary Committees in respect
     policy and release of document/SOP for            of Deptt. of Defence R&D and to coordinate
     protecting DRDO data.                             visits of the Parliamentary Committees to
                                                       establishments under Deptt. of Defence R&D.
• Promulgation of information security
     policy compliance check framework and                 The details of admitted questions in both
     its implementation.                               houses of Parliament during the period of
                                                       Parliament Sessions in 2016 are mentioned in
• Recognition of the fact that the data needs          Table 7.
     to be imported in DRONA/other networks
     with classified data and completion of a
     solution for the same.

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