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    DRDO has a number of agencies under its       • Air Launched Missiles:
wing which provide certification services to
agencies/establishments across the country.            � Astra: CFT-IV completed to validate
                                                             integration and sub-system
4.1 Centre for Military                                      operations of air launched Astra
Airworthiness & Certification                                 missile in multiple launch mode.
                                                       � BrahMos: Two Su-30 MKI aircraft
    The major achievements/activities                        have been modified for integration of
undertaken by CEMILAC during the year                        BrahMos missile. Flight clearance for
2016 are as under:                                           low and high speed taxi trails were
                                                             issued and carried out successfully.
DRDO Projects                                                Captive flight trials and instrumented
                                                             release of BrahMos achieved
• Rustom: Successful milestone in                            successfully
     indigenous development of UAV design
     achieved with first flight of Rustom-II        • Small Turbo Fan Engine (STFE) for Nirbhay
     UAV on 21st Nov 2016                              Missile: Pressure testing of Pyro gas
                                                       generator completed. Qualification of
• AEW&C Programme: In-flight evaluation                 Pyro devices finalized. Indigenous lube
     of the mission system is the major activity       oil, High Oxidative & Thermal Stability Oil
     during 2016. Induction of the aircraft is         (HOTS Oil PP2) developed by DMSRDE
     expected during this year. Three aircraft         has been tested in T1B8 of MANIK engine.
     are flight cleared for system evaluations.         Reviewed the test readiness of high speed
     Total of 623 flights completed. Block              bearing test rig established by NAL and
     clearance accorded for evaluation of all          approved for further trials with HOTS
     systems and clearance issued for Service          oil. HOTS oil testing with ball bearing
     induction. Air to Air refueling integration       completed in comparison with reference/
     has been cleared. Nine missions systems           OEM oil at varying speeds.
     evaluated. Flight clearance of SATCOM,
     CMDS, Radome and design clearance for        • WANKEL Rotary Engine-55 hp: Certified
     AAU Teflon sheet accorded.                         WANKEL RE delivered to ADE.

• LCA Mk-II Power plant: GE-F 414-                • AL 31FP aero-engine (Su 30 MKI): Life
     IN S6: Qualification test reports and              extension accorded for Su-30 MKI nozzle
     documentation requirements were                   from the existing 500 hours to 700 hours.
     reviewed and compliance ensured with
     engine model specification. GE F404-          Defence PSUs
     IN20 is currently powering LCA Mk-I.
     High altitude hot weather trial completed    • Hindustan Turbo Trainer: HTT-40: Trainer
     successfully at Leh. Recommended to               aircraft with tandem cockpit was issued
     include deck operation for Indian Navy.           with first flight clearance on 31st May 2016.
                                                       Inaugural flight in presence of Hon’ble
                                                       RM took place on 17th Jun 2016. Till date it

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