Page 125 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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evaluation by Naval Officers from Maritime          AD College, Gopalpur in June 2016. A2D2S2
Warfare Centre (MWC), Mumbai. It is planned       v2.1 is presently being utilized for training in
to be deployed at MWC, Vishakhapatnam for         the LGSC/YOs/TIFC/AIG courses conducted
further exploitation by the Indian Navy.          at Army AD College, Gopalpur. A2D2S2 v2.3
                                                  (Phase-II) incorporates all current AD weapon
Project AMTAB (Ammunition Tables for              systems of the Indian Army. A2D2S2 v2.3 has
Artillery)                                        been installed at AD College, Gopalpur in
                                                  December 2016.
    ISSA reviewed & reconstructed
ammunition tables for Artillery (also known       Army Wargaming Simulation System (Project
as SATM-25). ISSA has developed simulation        SAMAR)
models, generated data & submitted report
to DG Artillery for AMTAB in plains. Trial            Computerized Wargaming System under
plan for field validation of AMTAB data was        development will enable integrated combined
generated by ISSA & trials were conducted         arm combat environment for Corp level
by Army at Pokhran and Deolali Field Firing       force for offensive and defensive planning
Ranges for 155 mm SOLTAM Gun and 105              and training over plains/desert/semi-desert
mm IFG on synthetic targets. DRDO sister          terrain. Wargaming system will enable
laboratories TBRL & ARDE also participated        simulation environment for simultaneous
in these trials. The encouraging results of field  play by 110-120 commanders/staff at Div, Bde
validation were accepted by Army & AMTAB          and Bn HQs. The system has been developed
for deserts, mountains, high altitude areas and   and integrated with all the required technical
ditch cum bundh terrains are further planned.     sub-systems namely simulation manager,
                                                  messaging middleware, database and GIS.
Army Air Defence Deployment Simulator             Planning functions with diagrammatic
System (A2D2S2)                                   operational plans and operational order at
                                                  Div, Bde and Bn levels have been developed
    A2D2S2 evaluates the effectiveness of          and integrated. Aggregated tactical operations
various deployment patterns of ground based       are being developed and integrated besides
air defence weapons systems (GBADWS)              basic tactical functionalities of different
around various VA/VPs deployed by six             tactical arms. An early version of SAMAR was
different syndicates against air threats           demonstrated at Army War College (AWC),
planned by the Instructor. A2D2S2 v2.1            Mhow in March 2016. 
(Phase-I) was successfully handed over to the

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