Page 124 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 124


     attended this workshop.                       • Modeling, simulation, system analysis
                                                        and integrated software development
• SAM-C has undertaken the work of DRDO                 related to: Operational analysis; Damage
     Software Asset Management Policy. The              assessment and Sensor and weapon
     policy is finalised and is under review by          systems
     the committee. The implementation plan
     for the same is also prepared and trial runs  • Systems evaluation studies: Force level
     of the proposed solution are completed.            and weapon level performance evaluation
     The security of classified software is being        and Optimal deployment strategies
     worked out.
                                                   • Combat model development: land combat,
• SAM-C has also undertaken the work                    naval combat, air combat
     of DRDO Software IV&V Policy. The
     policy is finalised and is under review        • Computer science and applications:
     by the committee. The implementation               software engineering, information
     plan is prepared and survey for the                support system- military geographical
     online software management system for              information system (GIS), distributed
     monitoring IV&V activities is underway.            simulation, situational awareness and soft
• A draft Software Reuse Philosophy has
     been proposed and is under review by the      • Operational information dissemination
     committee.                                         systems

3.2 Institute for Systems Studies                  • Operation research and decision support
and Analysis (ISSA)                                     techniques.

    ISSA Delhi has emerged as a nodal systems      • Static and dynamic analysis of military
analysis lab in the field of combat modeling &           systems
simulation with a charter to carry out system
analysis studies regarding weapon selection,       Significant Achievements
evaluation of tactical plans, threat assessment,   during the year 2016
strategic planning, performance assessment
and wargames development. Its mission is to        Project ARNAV (Naval Wargame)
conduct system study and develop high quality
integrated software for system analysis &              ARNAV is an integrated software
decision support in application areas of sensors   package developed by ISSA that aids in Naval
& weapons, electronic combat, land, naval, air     Tactical Training. The system can be utilized
combat and air defence for use by DRDO and         for training the command teams of ships,
Services for design, mission planning, tactics     submarines and aircrafts in a realistic training
development and training.                          scenario and rehearse the application of naval
                                                   tactical doctrine. It enables training in Naval
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                     Operations pertaining to surface warfare, air
                                                   and maritime air operations, anti-submarine
• Development of wargame softwares for             warfare, SSK operations, electronic warfare
     Armed Forces                                  and data communications. The software
                                                   development activity has been completed
                                                   and the software has undergone preliminary

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