Page 123 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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    A separate Controllerate has been setup     consultation with CABS.
at DRDO HQ to address requirements for
system analysis, modeling and simulation for    Integrated Air Defence Systems Modeling
emerging war scenarios. The Controllerate
functions with one module SAM-C located at          Assessment of Integrated air and missile
HQ and one lab ISSA under its purview. Dr.      defence requirements against point defence
Chitra Rajagopal, OS & CC R&D (SAM) is the      and area defence is a necessary input for
head of this Controllerate.                     planning, budgeting and weapon effectiveness
                                                evaluation for future development and system
3.1 System Analysis & Modeling                  acquisition. Changing the configuration of
Centre (SAM-C)                                  existing air defence weapon systems and
                                                countermeasures also requires assessment of
    System Analysis & Modeling Centre           potential performance under various combat
(SAM-C) has been created to enable DRDO         scenarios. Modeling & simulation based
and its stakeholders to leverage the power      analysis could provide cost-effectiveness
of analysis and modeling of systems so as       approach to the problem of performance
to ensure strategic, tactical and operational   prediction and strategy assessment under a
superiority of our armed forces over our        range of possible conditions.
                                                    A modeling and simulation framework
    SAM-C is involved in the following          of Integrated Air and Missile Defence system
activities:                                     has been conceptualized for assessing
                                                threats capabilities, air defence capability
Analysis of AWACS Effectiveness in Operational  and identification of capability gaps besides
Scenarios                                       providing solutions pertaining to performance
                                                evaluation of air defence systems and also
    SAMC is carrying out study to quantify the  optimal decision concerning to system
effectiveness of AEW&C and AWACS-I under         development/ procurement/ deployment.
various operational scenarios using modeling
and simulation approach.                        DRDO Software Asset Management & IV&V
    SAMC has identified various offensive
and defensive scenarios and missions under      • SAM-C has completed the “DRDO
which AWACS shall be employed by Air                 Standard for Software Development”
force, developed analysis framework and              document based on the work done by
methodology to evaluate their effectiveness           the committee formed to rationalise the
using various measures of effectiveness.              software development procedures.
A preliminary scenario for comparing the
coverage of two AWACS under western sector      • A workshop on Software Quality
has been implemented using STK software. The         Assurance and Independent Verification
work is now underway to evaluate AWACS               and Validation was organised at DRDO
effectiveness under Air Defense scenario in           Bhawan. Software professionals from
                                                     across the Labs/Estts around the country

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