Page 120 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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other combat vehicles, both during assault      in NBC Phase I programme were field
or combing operations as well as during         evaluated at SSS, Navy and found to be useful.
transport mode, is essential for the safety of  NSQR’s have been received and project has
the crew. DMRL has developed a variety of       been launched for Portal, Floor, Hand Foot
armour materials and systems suitable for       and Laundry monitors for measuring radio-
providing multi-threat protection for battle    active contamination during nuclear war/
tanks and helicopters. ERA Mk-II developed      disaster scenario. Modernized NBC protection
in collaboration with HEMRL has shown           system of personnel carrier BMP 2/2k accepted
equivalent or better performance than the       by armed force and has been trial evaluated
imported ERA against both FSAPDS as well as     for fitment at OF, Medak. Technology for
MILAN in the field trials and has been accepted  networking of area monitors for round and
to be fitted on to T-72 tanks by the Army.       clock monitoring of gamma radiations has
                                                been developed and installed at boarder area
Technologies for Nuclear Defence                of Rajasthan (BSF post) and coastal area of
                                                Vizag, Goa, Port Blair etc.
    Nuclear Defence technologies developed

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