Page 119 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 119

GPRS enabled Gamma area monitors

(10 nos.) have been developed and installed        comparable to the imported radomes. Efforts
at various BSF posts for early detection           are on to identify a production agency for ToT of
environmental radioactivity in forward areas       this critical technology. DMRL has indigenized
of Rajasthan. Data is being received at DL,        and developed several wrought aluminium
Jodhpur. As per Navy HQ requirement,               alloys for Indian defence. During the year,
gamma area monitors were installed at              6 varieties of aluminium alloys in 9 different
Vishakhapatnam, Goa and Karwar Naval base          semi-product forms required for BrahMos and
in context of OTR of Indian nuclear powered        NGARM missile applications were produced
submarines. Round the clock environmental          with DMRL help at industrial scale.
radioactivity monitoring data of these bases
are being received at DLJ, Inspector General       Certification of Indigenous Production of Ti
Nuclear Safety and Project Director, Submarine     Sponge
Safety (Naval HQ, New Delhi) offices.
                                                       The titanium sponge being produced at
Naval Materials                                    KMML, Chavara based on DMRL technology
                                                   has now been certified for aeronautical as well
    To cater to the needs of the Indian Navy,      as underwater applications by CEMILAC
DRDO successfully developed the technology         and CCNM, respectively paving the way
for indigenous production of naval steels          for its usage in various titanium alloys for
using the infrastructure existing in the country.  aeronautical and underwater application.
During the year, certification (for underwater
use) of 20 mm DMR 249A plates produced             Non-Sparking Tools
at SAIL plants has been completed. Trial
production of AB3 steel plates and forgings            DMRL has developed a Cu-4.5Ti alloy
has also commenced and achieved reasonable         for manufacture of non-sparking tools as a
success in the initial trials.                     substitute to toxic and expensive Cu-Be alloys.
                                                   The technology has been transferred to Pahwa
Materials for Missiles                             Metal Tech Pvt Ltd., and the plant set-up by
                                                   them has now become operational.
    Development of silica radomes for Astra
missiles using cold isostatic processing route     Armour Technologies
has been successfully completed. The radomes
have met all the desired properties and are            Protection to battle tanks, helicopters and

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