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System Definition & Engineering of DRDO AIP        Materials and Technologies for Stealth
System on P-75 Submarines and Development         Application
of Deliverable LOX System
                                                      The project for development of materials
    The primary objective of the project is to    and technologies for signature management
develop the optimized design of Phosphoric        of Ground based and Airborne Platforms
Acid Fuel Cell (PAFC) system, hydrogen            was concluded this year. During the year,
generators, power conditioners, control           camouflage efficacy analysis of multi-spectral
systems, heat exchangers, DM water system         camouflage paints (MSCP) and mobile
and auxiliaries of AIP system and qualify the     camouflage systems (MCS) fielded on T 90, T
same for P-75 platforms. The project also aims    72 and MBT Tanks were conducted in 16 Army
to develop the submarine based LOX module         Units of Jodhpur, Bikaner and Suratgarh.
along with the safety controller. The project is  Thermal Target Systems emulating T-72 Tanks
progressing in collaboration with M/s DCNS        signatures were successfully fielded for firing
France, where the safety & design related         trials of NAG missile in Jan & Sep 2016. The
issues of AIP is to be identified and mitigated.   MiG 29K aircraft was evaluated for radar
System segment design document (SSDD)             cross-section. Radar absorbing paints were
phase is completed. Basic GA has been arrived     developed as indigenous replacement for
and major safety reservations given by M/s        existing RAM coatings on MIG 29K.
DCNS sorted out.
                                                  Bullet Proof Jacket
                                                      DRDO is involved in the development of
Indigenization of Microwave Chaff for Defence     prototype of bullet proof jacket (BPJ) in all three
Application                                       sizes as per GSQR 1438 using different state
                                                  of art ballistic materials providing protection
    Chaff is one of the most widely used and       against 9mm SMC ammunitions, AK47 (MSC
effective expendable electronic countermeasure     and HSC), 7.62 SLR. During the year, the
devices. The project aims at indigenous           soft armor panels (SAPs) and hard armor
development of chaff cartridges to bridge          panels (HAPs) of bullet proof jacket has been
technology gap in the field of chaff cartridges     designed ab-initio and developed successfully
development. An indigenous process of             as per the requirements mentioned in Indian
preparing very fine aluminum fibers has been        Army GSQR. A successful UATT of medium
developed and a small capacity pilot plant        sized BPJs has been carried out at TBRL,
has been established. During the year, limited    Chandigarh with the participation of Indian
qualification tests (LQT) for indigenously         Army (Infantry). The jackets successfully met
developed chaff cartridges were carried out in     all the conditioning protocols and ballistic
presence of rep from RCMA (AA), Pune. Flight      requirements. R&D trials of small and large
safety clearance has been given by RCMA (AA),     sized BPJs have been successfully completed.
Pune. Draft Trial directives have been received   ToT of the BPJs is at the verge of completion.
from IAF. 30 chaff cartridges have been cleared
by ORDAQA for flight trial and airborne trial      Networking of GPRS enabled Gamma Area
of indigenous chaff cartridges on Air Force        Monitors
platform is likely to be held in Jan 2017.
                                                      GPRS enabled gamma area monitors

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