Page 115 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 115

following activities are completed: new type of   Integrated Coastal Surveillance System (ICSS)
junction boxes, production model deliverables
were developed. SHARC processor based                 ICSS provides a coastal monitoring
beam hardware tested and functionality was        solution for early detection, location and
proved in INS Sindhushastra unit of USHUS         monitoring of small unregistered/suspicious
during FATs at BEL. SHARC processor based         surface vessels in a controlled area as well as
signal processing hardware was developed          small submerged objects at harbor mouths.
to replace ADSP 21XX based Intercept sonar        The stations were established at Kochi for
signal processing hardware.                       Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstrations. Three
                                                  radars along with electro-optic systems were
USHUS – 2                                         installed at INS Dronacharya, Malipuram and
                                                  Keltron at Kochi and made operational. With
    This is a submarine sonar which will be       the conduct of 3rd PoC trial during Jan 2016
installed in four EKM submarines. This will       at INS Dronacharya, Keltron and Malipuram
replace the existing Russian sonars onboard       sites, all PoC trials have been completed which
these submarines. Design and development          demonstrated the integrated system at Kochi.
of engineered model of USHUS-2 is carried         Subsequently three stations have been set up
out in NPOL and productionised at BEL             on the coast of Balasore and sensors for ICSS
Bangalore. At present factory acceptance trials   were installed and made operational in Jul
of USHUS-2 is in progress at BEL, Bangalore.      2016. During Oct 2016, PoC tests in integrated
This is expected to be completed by end           ICSS configuration at Balasore were completed
2016 and the system will be dispatched for        successfully. The system was commissioned
installation in Jan 2017.                         during end Dec 2016.

Portable Diver Detection Sonar (PDDS)             Advanced Light Weight Torpedo (ALWT)

    DRDO has taken up a new technology            ALWT is an anti-submarine torpedo launched
demonstration project in 2016 to design and       from ship, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.
develop a PDDS system that is capable of          ALWT has dual speed capability and
detecting small targets such as divers and diver  endurance of 25 km at low speed (25 knots)
delivery vehicles in and around harbours. The     and 12 km at high speed (50 knots). During
system will be deployable and retrievable         the year, two torpedoes with 60 kW motor
as and when required. During the year, lab        and 70 kW battery were prepared (practice
prototype was fabricated and trials conducted     configuration) and activation and scooping
at UARF, Kulamavu in Jan 2016. Installation       action of 70 kW battery was successfully
and testing of deployment system on board         demonstrated with 70 kW battery. Integration
INS Sagardhwani was also completed in             of EMS components for 120 KW battery in
Mar 2016. CDR was completed in Jul 2016.          progress. 60 kW BLDC motor ran for full run
Based on CDR, in-house acceptance tests of        duration (10 minutes) with speed change.
the first system will be completed by early        Procurement and testing of 105 kW BLDC
2017 followed by finalization of the design of     motor is completed and environmental tests
subsequent systems and trials during 2017.        are in progress. Balwanka firing of ALWT was

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