Page 114 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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     proposed to be installed on seven ships of  silent submarines capable of launching high
     three different classes of ships.            speed torpedoes. During the year, technical
• ‘AIDSS’, an advanced indigenous distress       trials were conducted wherein detection and
     sonar system which is used to indicate      localization of dived submarine in active and
     that a submarine is in distress and enable  passive modes was established. High speed
     quick rescue and salvage.                   towing at 16 knots was also demonstrated
• Near-field Acoustic Characterization            successfully. The trials will be continued in
     System (NACS) determines the in-            2017 and the user evaluation trials are expected
     situ performance of the sonar systems       to be completed by end 2017.
     which are used to find the frequency-
     dependant 3D transmission and reception     HUMSA – NG
     characteristics of the sonar. NACS has
     been integrated with the HUMSA-NG               This is the third generation, ship borne,
     sonar array and proved onboard Naval        hull mounted active cum passive sonar system.
     platforms during the year and this will be  Two different configurations of the system
     fitted on all frontline ships.               namely keel mounted configuration and bow
    With the induction of these four systems,    mounted configuration with different sets of
the underwater surveillance capability of the    capabilities and features have been developed.
Indian Navy will get a boost, besides providing  This system is presently installed on over ten
a fillip to the Make in India initiative of the   ships of the Indian Navy of four different
Govt. of India and advance the quest for self-   classes. Twenty more orders for the system
reliance in this critical area of technology.    are in various stages of execution/processing.
Advance Light Towed Array Sonar (ALTAS)          Phase II sea acceptance trials were carried out
                                                 during Dec 2016 and cleared onboard INS
    ALTAS is an efficient sensing system           Kamorta successfully. The system is expected
for detection, localization and classification    to complete the final Phase III trials during the
of submarines operating especially in the        second half of 2017.

                         ALTAS                   The USHUS Augmentation for Reliability
below surface layer ocean conditions. It is      (TUSHAR)
useful in anti-submarine warfare operations
and is the apt sensor for warships to locate         TUSHAR is a product support project
                                                 which is a reliability improvement programme
                                                 of already inducted sonar USHUS. This
                                                 project is to be executed in two phases. In
                                                 Phase-1, critical sub-systems or modules will
                                                 be re-engineered, re-designed, developed,
                                                 productionised, subjected to factory
                                                 acceptance tests, integrated and tested with
                                                 one reference system. Upon clearance and user
                                                 recommendation, in Phase-2, the TUSHAR
                                                 sub-systems will be integrated with the
                                                 onboard system, set to work and HATs and
                                                 SATs will be carried out. In the year 2016, the

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