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2.7.5 Defence Metallurgical                    lubricants, hydraulic fluids and coolants for
Research Laboratory (DMRL)                     defence applications.

    DMRL Hyderabad is associated with the      Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
research, design and development of metallic
materials and products, metals, alloys,        • Polymers,  Composite  Materials,
ceramic and composites. Technologies based
on laboratory R&D and productionised at        Elastomers, Specialty Paints & Coatings,
industries such as titanium sponge production
(at KMML), investment casting of nickel base   Fibres & Fabrics, Coatings, Nanostructured
superalloys (at HAL Koraput), naval steel
plates and bulb bars (at SAIL and Krishna      Materials
Industries) and light armour for MI-17-1V
continue to be practiced at the respective     • Smart composites for health monitoring,
industries with involvement of DMRL as and          camouflaging etc.
when required. The other initiatives taken by
the laboratory include creation of three new   • Ballistic personnel protection system
material production centers in Hyderabad:
Mishra Dhatu Nigam (MIDHANI), Non              • Composite materials for aerospace
Ferrous Technology Development Centre               industry
(NFTDC) and International Advanced
Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy          • Advanced polymers for high temperature
and New Materials (IARC-PMNM) and an                and aerospace applications
ordinance factory, Heavy Alloy Penetrator
Plant (HAPP) in Tiruchirapally.                • Advanced materials for alternative energy
                                                    and electronic applications
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
                                               • Advanced stealth and thermal barrier
• Armour technologies and materials                 coating for defence applications

• Materials of warships and submarines         Significant Achievements
                                               during the year 2016
• Airframe structures and aero-engine
     materials                                 NAVAL SYSTEMS

• Materials for missiles                       Handing over of Naval Systems to Indian Navy

• Functional materials and their thin films         The following Naval/Sonar systems were
     for devices                               handed over to CNS by Hon’ble Raksha Mantri
                                               during 2016:
2.7.6 Defence Materials and
Stores Research and Development                • ‘Abhay’, an advanced active-cum-passive
Establishment (DMSRDE)                              integrated sonar designed and developed
                                                    for smaller platforms such as shallow water
    DMSRDE Kanpur is carrying out R&D               crafts, capable of detecting, localising,
in the area of non-metallic materials, e.g.,        classifying and tracking sub-surface
polymers, elastomers, composites, specialty         and surface targets in both its active and
fabrics, emerging and futuristic non metallic       passive modes of operation.
materials, adhesives, sealants, paints,
                                               • ‘HUMSA UG’ system designed for
                                                    upgrading the HUMSA sonar system on
                                                    the Indian Naval platforms. The system is

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