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• Bio-remediation of marine environment          hydrodynamic research. The laboratory has
                                                 established the competence to work towards
• Failure investigation of marine materials,     design and development of underwater
     components and systems                      weapons and associated systems and design
                                                 support for Naval platforms.
2.7.2 Naval Physical
Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL)                  Core Competencies/Thrust Areas

    NPOL Kochi is the premier research           • Underwater weapons: light weight and
laboratory under DRDO mandated with the               heavy weight torpedoes, fire control
design and development of state-of-the-art and        systems, launchers and target simulators
reliable underwater sensors and surveillance
systems for naval applications. NPOL is          • Warship technology and stealth
committed to achieving this mandate through
sustained efforts in research, innovation,        • Hydrodynamic research and design
prototype development, technology transfer,           support for naval platforms
system installation and user trials on naval
platforms. The key research areas at NPOL        MATERIALS
include the design of acoustic transducers,
algorithms and embedded systems, mechanical      2.7.4 Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
engineering solutions for challenging ocean      (DLJ)
applications, signal conditioning and telemetry
and oceanography.                                    DL Jodhpur is primarily oriented to solve the
                                                 problems faced by the troops operating in desert
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                   environment. The lab is also involved in R&D of
                                                 camouflage and low-observable technologies,
• Development of sonar systems which             nuclear radiation management and desert
     includes analysis, simulation and           environmental science and technologies. Some
     modeling, system design and signal          of the products developed by the laboratory
     processing.                                 are: aqueous foam generating system, gamma
                                                 flash sensor, roentgenometer, Radio Photo
• Anti-Submarine    Warfare     (ASW)            Luminescence (RPL) dosimeter and reader,
     oceanography.                               integrated field shelter, NBC recce vehicle,
                                                 water/liquid/food contamination monitoring
• Design and development of underwater           system, field water testing kit, Phase Change
     electro-acoustic transducers.               Material (PCM) cool vests and caps.

• Development of passive acoustic materials      Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
     for sonar systems.
                                                 • Camouflage and Low Observable
2.7.3 Naval Science and                               Technologies
Technological Laboratory (NSTL)
                                                 • Nuclear Radiation Management and
    NSTL Visakhapatnam has many unique                Applications
contributions in the fields of underwater
weapons, warship technology and                  • Desert Environment S&T

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