Page 108 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 108


grenade to meet various trials requirements      bullets for LIC applications, which are less
before clearance for final mass production.       lethal beyond 60m and can be fired in single
Suitable production agencies have been           shot mode. Under this project these plastic
finalized and ToT has been done with EEL          bullets have been successfully made less lethal
Nagpur. Production has been established in       beyond 30m to shoot in the constrained type
the premises of ToT holder (EEL Nagpur) and      of environment. In automation mode plastic/
2000 nos. have been produced for user’s trials.  rubber bullets, which are less lethal beyond
A sample out of this lot has been tested which   60m, are also being developed. Initial samples
meet all GSQR requirements.                      of frangible bullets for sky marshals have
                                                 been produced and are being comparatively
Design & Development of special Ammunition       evaluated with its international counter parts.
for Low Intensity conflict

    TBRL has already produced plastic

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