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for other high pressure storage application for   warhead, air frames has been designed and
storing air and other gases.                      fabricated.
Technology for Design of Shaped Charge
based Multi-Stage Warhead System to Defeat        Off Route Mine (ORM) System
Hardened Deep Buried Targets
                                                      EFP warhead for ORM has been designed,
    Precursor shaped charge warhead               fabricated and tested. PC based sensor data
(Ø330mm, L450mm, W60kg, OFE copper                acquisition module for acquiring acoustic and
conical liner) has been designed and fabricated.  seismic sensor data has been developed. Non-
Follow through warheads (Ø330mm, L1.6m            stationery signal spectral analysis algorithm
and Ø330mm, L2.2m) has been designed              in MATLAB has been designed. Sensor signal
and fabricated. For assembly of multi-stage       conditioner and preamplifier board has been
                                                  design and developed.
        Precursor shaped charge warhead
                                                  Air-Breathing Multi-Tube Multi-Cycle Pulse
              Follow through warhead              detonation Engine

                                                      Through introduction of solid state semi-
                                                  conductor controller over mechanical system
                                                  and employing high speed injectors 25 Hz
                                                  frequency pulse in 4”dia tube and successfully
                                                  demonstrated for 1 minute of sustainable

                                                  Technologies for Futuristic Electronic Safe &
                                                  Arm Fuzes for Services Ordnance & Warheads

                                                      Functional testing of electronic fuze
                                                  integrated with 81 mm mortar was done in
                                                  dynamic condition at RTRS. Successful trial
                                                  was conducted for four numbers of fuses. All

                                                  Fuze assemblies after test

    81 mm mortar with electronic
      fuze on Aerodynamic sled

                                  81 mm Mortar

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