Page 105 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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systems to support ARINC664P7 protocol.          calibrated targets.

    End System IP core development (RTL          Rail Track Rocket Sled (RTRS) National Test
development, functional verification,             Facility
prototyping, implementation and testing)
has been completed. Switch hardware has              The augmented Penta Rail Track RTRS
been developed and integrated with software.     dynamic test facility is 4 km in length and
Switch QT testing and ARINC615 data-loader       can provide 10 different combinations of rail
software development is completed. The           gauge from 0.7 m to 4.86 m to accommodate
project has met all its objectives and will be   wide variety of test stores. It can propel a mass
closed successfully.                             up to 1.5 ton to the velocity of 2.0 Mach. The
                                                 track has 50 ton dynamic load bearing capacity
Open Range RCS & Antenna Measurement             at any point and test object can be stopped on
Facility (ORANGE)                                the track after trial using different braking
                                                 mechanism for post trial analysis of test object.
    ORANGE has capabilities for full scale       Recently trials for Flap opening of HSTDV,
Radar cross section (RCS) measurement, RCS       Impact trials of PCB penetrating projectile of
reduction and antenna measurement facility       SAAW and clean launching of 1000 kg class
from UHF to W band of frequencies. During        bomb for its impact on compacted soil target
2016, the facility has been used for RCS data    at one (01) Mach velocity were conducted.
base generation for PG AD Target Missile, Glint
and RCS fluctuation study of target missile for   Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
interceptor approach distances from 500 m to
up to 20m at various orientation, RCS data base      DRDL has taken a project for setting up
generation and imaging studies on Garuda and     of a hypersonic wind tunnel to meet the R&D
Garuthma, RCS mitigation Studies to lower the    requirements for design of futuristic hypersonic
RCS signature of the Garuthma configuration,      missiles and re-entry vehicles which requires
Performance evaluation of RF seekers (X/W)       generation of extensive aerodynamic data.
at various range length distances against        During the year, high pressure system- seam
                                                 less tube with integrally forged hemispherical
                                                 dish end cylinders have been developed
                                                 indigenously. This technology can be used

Missile mounted on a python at                   Indigenously developed storage cylinder
         ORANGE facility                                                                                87
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