Page 104 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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              Test bed for testing LFRJ          target Su-30 aircraft.

350 mm diameter liquid fuel ramjet engine        Mini Ring Laser Gyroscope (MRLG)
(LFRJ) for potential applications in missiles
and aerial targets. During the year, proof           Preliminary design review of MRLG
combustor simulating the internal flow path       completed. Sub-systems like optical resonator,
and configuration of the liquid ramjet was        mechanical ring dither assembly, PLC mirror
designed, fabricated and assembled on the        drive, and electronics are realized. Major
test bed. Various versions of fuel injector cum  optical characterization equipments like,
flame holder designs were studied in CFD          spectrophotometer, optical profilometer,
to ensure combustion and sustainability of       spectrophotometer, ellipsometer, reflectometer
the ramjet performance. Four different fuel       cum loss meter etc, were installed and training
injector-cum-flame holder configurations were      is imparted to the team. Theoretical modeling
developed and tested in ramjet. Electronic fuel  and design was completed.
flow controller has been realized and tested
using hydraulic oil. New test bed for testing    RLG based Inertial Navigation System for Ship
dia. 350 LFRJ commissioned.                      Applications (INS-SA)

Glide Bomb                                           An indigenous navigation system based
                                                 on high grade RLG sensors and accelerometers
    DRDO has indigenously developed 1000 kg      with aided GPS and GLONASS satellite
glide bombs both in non-winged and winged        navigation as form-fit-functional replacement
version. During 2016, carriage and drop trials   of imported system, M/s Sagem’s Sigma-40 is
of both the bombs were conducted successfully.   developed for the ship navigation. The total
Project is being closed successfully.            project deliverables are 34 units. During the
                                                 year, INS-SA production was started by M/s
Ku-band Active Radar Seeker (Ku-band ARS)        BEL (C) followed by delivery of 13 nos. of
                                                 INS-SA produced by M/S BEL (C). Production
    DRDO has undertaken a project for the        qualification on one BEL produced INS-SA
indigenous development of Ku-band seeker to      system and harbor and sea acceptance trial is
replace modules of imported seeker. Captive      also completed.
flight trials of first indigenous Ku-band active
radar seeker were successfully carried out       Hemispherical Resonating Gyroscope (HRG)
from Su-30 aircraft in Feb 2016 at AF station,
Pune. The seeker was integrated with the Astra       RCI is involved in the design and
missile in weapon system configuration on the     development of a high accuracy class HRG.
Su-30 aircraft and could successfully track the  During the year, design of all components
                                                 (resonator, forcer, pick-off, top cover, bottom
                                                 cover, base plate) has been completed.
                                                 Electronics for whole angle mode was
                                                 completed, realized and demonstrated with
                                                 metal resonator.

                                                 High Speed Communication Interface for
                                                 Distributed Avionics Architecture (HIDA)

                                                     RCI is involved in the development of

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