Page 103 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 103

for captive flight testing (Phase-II).             and instrumentation rack had been completed
                                                  Project RudraM-II
    All system studies have been completed
and missile trajectory optimized. Aerodynamic         DRDO is involved in design & development
configuration of airframe has been finalised.       of RudraM-II air to surface missile (ASM).
Structural optimization of airframe is            Preliminary design review of following sub-
completed. Preliminary Design Review              systems has been completed: propulsion
(PDR) of the following sub-systems have           system, airframe, IAM (INS+OBC+MIU),
been completed: a) propulsion system b) air       laser proximity sensor (LPS), missile launch
frame c) canister d) battery command centre       processor (MLP) and integrated telemetry
(BCC) including communication system e)           unit. Preliminary design of aerodynamics is
jet vane system f) pre-fragmented warhead         completed. Control & guidance, control &
g) RDPS warhead h) altimeter i) telemetry,        actuation and electrical integration design is
telecommand & transponder (T3) system j)          completed. Electrical modifications of aircraft
integration & avionics module.                    have been finalized. IIR seeker configuration
                                                  and specifications of seekers were also finalised.
Stand-off Anti-Tank Guided Missile (SANT)
                                                  Smart Anti Air Field Weapon (SAAW)
    RCI is involved in design, development and
technology demonstration of Stand-off Anti             SAAW is long-range, stand-off, precision
tank (SANT) Guided Missile. During the year,      air-to-surface weapon (125 kg class) capable
aero, mechanical and electrical configuration      of engaging ground targets for launch from
was finalized. Structural analysis of airframe,    Jaguar and Su-30 MKI aircrafts. During
launch tube & launcher was carried out for        the year, all sub-systems (5 sets) have been
captive & free flight conditions. Prototypes       realised and SOFT qualified. Following design/
(missile, launch tube & launcher) along with      qualification tests have been completed: RTRS
Instrumentation rack system for carrying          test, wind tunnel test - Phase I, static wing load
out captive trials have been realized. C&G        test, structural load test, ground resonance
algorithm for SANT has been developed.            test, blast warhead static trial and captive
Transfer Alignment (TA) algorithm has been        flight trials. Mechanical, electrical and avionics
developed. GRT has been carried out for           integration of SAAW to Jaguar CLP was
calculating the modal properties of the missile.  successfully completed and communication
Hot test is carried out with a prototype SANT     between SAAW OBC and Jaguar MC was
missile configured with a FOG rate gyro            established. Flight trials were conducted in
package, reduced propellant booster rocket        Dec 2016 to prove controllability and guidance
motor and mass simulated subsystems. PDR          to target point from release point and to prove
has been carried out on SANT master system        the maximum range by recalculating the target
instrumentation rack structural analysis.         point from release point.
Structural load test, ground vibration test
(GVT) & shock test on SANT missile system         Liquid Fuel Ramjet Engine (LFRJ)

                                                      DRDL has taken a technology
                                                  demonstration project to design and develop

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