Page 100 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Surface-to-Air Missile ‘Akash’                         The Air Version BrahMos supersonic
                                                   cruise missile has been successfully developed
    The medium range (25 km) surface-to-           for integration with Su-30MKI. The first
air missile ‘Akash’ has been developed and         captive flight trial of modified Su-30MKI with
inducted into Indian Air Force (IAF) and           launcher and missile was carried out in Jun
Indian Army (IA). During the year, Akash           2016 successfully. A major milestone of missile
Army version User exercise was carried out.        separation trial from aircraft was achieved in
DRDO has also undertaken two new projects          Aug 2016. On completion of ongoing technical
of Akash this year, Akash New Generation           work, drop trials and operational launch, the
(Akash-NG) has been conceptualized with            air Version of BrahMos supersonic cruise
solid propulsion, wing-body-tail configuration,     missile will be inducted in Indian Air Force.
electro-mechanical control system, active RF       Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile (LRSAM)
seeker and laser proximity fuze. The system
will be capable of search, track and fire while         LRSAM having a range of 70 km is a joint
engaging 10 targets at ranges up to 50 km          development programme of DRDO, Indian
with configuration of CCU, multi function           Navy and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI),
radar (MFR) and launcher for air defence of        Israel. The missiles are intended to equip the
VA/VPs. Akash Mk-1S have been undertaken           three guided missile destroyers of the Indian
in TD mode to prove the upgradability of           Navy. LRSAM Home-on-Tests were conducted
Akash Mk-1 missile with RF seeker through          at ITR during Sep 2016 to prove three intercept
necessary modification/retro-fitment on the          scenarios with Banshee Jet 80 as target. Three
existing missiles.                                 LRSAM missiles in telemetry configuration
                                                   were delivered that were test fired successfully
Supersonic Cruise Missile ‘BrahMos’                with MRSAM weapon system as part of
                                                   MRSAM verification flight tests. Three
    BrahMos is a two stage supersonic cruise       missiles in operational configuration have
missile with a solid propellant booster as its     been delivered to the Services.
first stage and liquid ramjet as the second
stage. The missile has a flight range of up to                               LRSAM
290 km with supersonic speed all through the
flight, leading to shorter flight time. It operates
on ‘fire and forget principle’ adopting variety
of flights on its way to the target. The missile
carries a conventional warhead weighing
up to 300 kg. The first successful test of anti-
ship version was carried out on 12 Jun 2001.
The missile was inducted into Indian Navy in
2005. The induction of land attack version in
Indian Army commenced in 2008, after series
of successful launches during 2004 to 2007.
Indian Air Force operationalized the land
attack version with successful launch in May

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