Area of Work

Core Competence

  • Development of laser sources such as High Power Fiber Laser (HPFL), Chemical Oxy-Iodine Laser (COIL), Solid State Laser (SSL), Gas Dynamic Laser (GDL)
  • Development of laser based equipment like Ammunition Disposal, Optical Dazzlers, Chemical/ Biological Agents and Explosive Detection/ Identification, High Value Assets Protection, Laser Warning and Counter Measures, Seeker Test Kit etc.
  • Development of Laser Material such as Nd:YAG and Nd:Yttria Crystal/ Ceramics
  • Design and assembly of Optics and development of embedded hardware and software

Thurst Areas)

  • Development of critical technologies related to development of high power fiber laser, solid state laser systems, gas laser and chemical laser sources with desired power levels and beam quality for DEW applications.
  • Development of solid- state laser sources for military applications.
  • Laser countermeasures and non lethal weapons.
  • Laser spectroscopy for detection and identification of nuclear, biological, chemical warfare agents and explosive materials
  • Laser based systems for defence applications.
  • Laser materials for DEW applications.