Major Technologies

Long term potato storage technology for extreme winters in Ladakh:

Keeping in view the potential of supplying locally grown potatoes to Army, DIHAR has developed a “Net-Zero Energy Based Potato Storage Technology” suitable for cold desert area of Ladakh. This technology has potential for assured local availability of fresh potato supply up to seven months (November-May) in winters to the Army deployed in Ladakh sector. With this technology, army can procure their demand of potatoes locally from the local farmers during the whole winter months, thereby shortening the conventional supply chain without compromising on quality. As a spin-off effect large number of local employment may also be generated across the border region of Ladakh and will help develop better fraternization between army and locals for effective border management. During the winter months of 2017-18, DIHAR in collaboration with HQ 14 Corps and local Cooperative Marketing Society (CMS), undertook a successful demonstration of this technology in the 3 Div Karu sector of Ladakh.

Mulching technology:

Mulching technology for crop production was introduced by DIHAR in Ladakh, whereby a UV stabilized black mulch film of recommended thickness is laid on the field and crop production is done on it. With this simple technology, there is reduction in requirement of manual labour for weeding, irrigation interval has also increased, and thereby less of irrigation is required in a crop cycle as compared to the traditional method where cultivation is practiced on open naked soil. As a spinoff benefits, mulching also increases the yield of crops. For instance there is doubling of yield in case of tomato crop as compared to non-mulch practice. With the successful demonstration of this technology by DIHAR at farmers’ field, now the mulch films are being distributed by the State agriculture department among the local farmers at a subsidized rate to enhance vegetable production.

Watermelon in Ladakh:

In continuation to the efforts of introducing new crops into the Ladakh region, after many years of experimental trial with regard to varietal evaluation and standardization of practices, DIHAR has successfully introduced watermelon in to the fields of local farmers. As per a local farmers who has adopted this technology, he has earned aprox 12 lakh from one hectare of Land. The technology developed for watermelon cultivation in Ladakh has been transferred to state department and now its mass scale dissemination is being undertaken by them.

Double Humped Camel for carrying load:

Similar to the Zanskar ponies, as per requisition from HQ 14 Corps, a trail is being undertaken by DIHAR to check the feasibility of using the locally available Bactrian (double humped) camels for patrolling and load carrying purpose, especially in the eastern sector bordering China. The initial trial has shown encouraging results and the report will be submitted soon.

Cattle development:

Out of native livestock resource in Ladakh area, Ladakhi cattle play an important role due to survival and adaptability at cold as well as hypobaric hypoxic conditions. Ladakhi Cattle constitutes 56% of total cattle population in Ladakh. The local cattle is a unique germplasm having excellent adaptation potential and a natural source of A2 milk. DIHAR in collaboration with ICAR-NBAGR, Karnal has conducted studies on Ladakhi cattle and is in the process of registering it as 42nd breed of India. Further, institute is working on the breeding and productive traits of Ladakhi Cattle for selective breeding and thereby producing pool of high producing Ladakhi cattle which in turn will increase milk production of Ladakh. Milk produced by local farmers will be purchased by Army through Cooperatives, thus there will be availability of fresh milk supply to the troops deployed in L-Sector.

Major Products for Armed Forces & Civil Sector

  1. More than 15 greenhouse designs for cold desert

  2. Organic vegetable for cold desert

  3. High altitude vegetable seed

  4. Organic fruit for cold desert

  5. High yielding Seabuckthorn

  6. High altitude medicinal plants

  7. Survival garden

  8. Seabuckthorn-based neutraceuticals (Seabuckthorn beverage, Seapricot beverage, Seabuckthorn seed oil capsule, antioxidant supplement, herbal tea, performance enhancing capsule, animal feed additive)


  10. Joint care gel, UV protection cream

  11. Pack animal for high altitude

  12. High altitude adapted cattle

  13. Regionally suited fast growing sheep and goat

  14. High altitude adapted chicken

  15. Normobaric hatching technology

Major Technologies

  • Greenhouse technology for cold desert
  • Organic vegetable production technology for cold desert
  • High altitude seed production technology
  • Micro-farming for remote locations

  • Organic fruit production technology for cold desert

  • Zero energy fruit and vegetable storage technology
  • Post harvest technology for fruits and vegetables
  • Vegetable seed production technology
  • Water conservation
  • Enhancing crop production technology
  • Production technology of high altitude medicinal plants
  • Rearing of large and small animals in cold desert conditions
  • Normobaric hatching technology

Services available

  • Training, demonstration and consultation to local farmers on modern agro-animal techniques suitable for the region.

  • Providing consultancy to Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, State agriculture, Horticulture & Animal Husbandry departments in formulating agriculture policies beneficial for socio-economic development of Ladakh.  

  • Providing consultancy to Seabuckthorn cluster development (GOI) in Ladakh and commercial cultivation of medicinal plants.

  • Providing consultancy to progressive farmers for feed formulation, livestock health managements, and poultry rearing.
  • Developing and providing database on high altitude cold desert agro-animal technologies.