About Us

The DRDO E-Journal Services came into being w.e.f. 01 January 2009. DRDO e-journal consortium facilitates sharing of resources and improving access to information. The resources are shared among DRDO libraries that have common missions, goals, and usage and act on those commonalties. DESIDOC is the nodal agency that administers and monitors the access/subscriptions on behalf of DRDO labs. To evaluate the DRDO E-Journals Service, a "Review and Monitoring Committee" has been constituted by DRDO HQrs.

What's New
Wiley e-journals (proposal not finalized)
Reshuffled list of Labs for Elsevier e-journal for the Year 2019
SOP for fair use of E-journal Services
World eBook Library

Current Subscriptions = 08 (ACM, ASME, IEEE, AIAA, Elsevier, IHS Jane’s, NPG, Wiley Online Library)
Closed Subscriptions: ACS, T&F, AAAS_Science and JCCC Service