Procedure For TA/DA Claim Of Non Officials Attending meetings Etc

1. The TA/DA claim should be supported by invitation letter issued by the coordinator/convener/
Secretary of the concerned Panel Board.

2. Railway/ Air fare ticket number should be mentioned on the bills and passenger coupons, if possible, should be attached.

3. For stay at recognised hotels/guest houses the original receipt should be enclosed. Normally non officials art entitled to TA/DA as per SR 190. In case, however, a claim higher than permissible to Central Govt. officials is made, a copy of the relevant rules pertaining to their institution/organisation should accompany the claim.

4. A certificate to the effect that the claim is in accordance with the rules of parent organisation & endorsed by financial executive authority of the institute/college/organisation should also be furnished.

5. The claim should be affixed with revenue stamp on the original copy.