Objectives & Activities of Research Panels

Objectives of Research Panels

  • To undertake and promote imagination driven research work in the Armament disciplines to create novel/approaches and materials.
  • To promote upstream Research & Development activities at Academic Institutions/R&D Organisations/ Industry.
  • To train manpower of requisite quality for undertaking/pursuing research in the relevant field.
  • To act as catalyst for seeding futuristic technologies at identified Institutions.
  • To help in creating self sufficiency in critical technologies needed for development of competitive armament stores and put the armament discipline in the forefront in the global scenario.
  • To create data base on specific and allied fields of armaments discipline.
Activities of Research Panels
  • To create new understanding on new materials and system.
  • To promote research activities leading to the growth of Armament technologies for the future needs.
  • To scrutinize project proposals and make specific recommendations to ARMREB.
  • To monitor, evaluate and guide the sanctioned projects/ schemes at suitable intervals and to make recommendations to the ARMREB.
  • To identify gaps in R&D efforts and recommend methods for bridging them in the best manner.
  • To create data base on specific and allied subjects related to the panel.