Norms for Transfer of Technology

Norms for Transfer of Technology:

  • For consideration of the transfer of technology a TOT committee would be constituted by the Armament Research Board. This committee will consist of Chairman of the concerned panel, Co-ordinator, rep of user lab, PI of the project/rep of the institution developing the know-how and rep of ARMREB. Secretary ARMREB could nominate any other member in the committee, if considered desirable. ARMREB Secretariat will further progress the case.
  • Based on the applications received after advertisement in the leading newspaper, the modalities of TOT will be worked out by the TOT Committee.
  • The TOT could be affected through National Resource Development Corporation (NRDC) or any other agency approved by the Armament Research Board in case the grantee developing the know-how has not got the infrastructure for TOT or does not intend to transfer technology through its own infrastructure. In such cases the royalties could be shared in the ratio of 30:35:35 between NRDC, ARMREB and the agency developing the know-how. In case the institution developing the know-how has got necessary infrastructure to transfer the technology, it could be transferred directly by the agency developing the know-how and in such cases the royalties would be shared equally between ARMREB and the grantee developing the know-how.
  • For avoiding any legal actions arising out of non-payment of royalties by the technology acceptor, the royalties would be charged in lump sum in one or at the most two instalments, as decided by the board.
  • If the processes / techniques / stores are to be utilised /produced for defence purposes, existing policy of DRDO would be adopted.