Monitoring And Annual Progress Reports

During the period of grant, the institution/organisation is required to submit annual progress reports on the projects as per the proforma given in Annexure II. 10 copies will be required (2 copies to the secretary, LSRB & the remaining copies to the panel members and monitor(s). The report will cover the work done during the year. The specialist panel will scrutinize the progress report and the decision on continuation of the project will be taken by LSRB.


Panels on behalf of LSRB may identify monitor(s) for each project. The PIs should make efforts to contact monitors, invite them to their laboratory and brief them on the progress of the projects. The initiative for the meeting between the PI and the monitors should rest with the PI.

Technical Reports

The technical reports on the projects should be submitted by the investigators as per schedule given in item no.10 above.

The following format may be followed for numbering the reports:

NM : Name of Panel
TR : Technical Report
YY : Year
PPP : Project number
NN : Report number in the year

For every year the monitoring is by the annual progress report being considered by the Specialists Panel and approval by the Board. If the investigators do not send their annual progress report on time, the panels may consider termination of the project. The annual report needs to contain the following:

1. Part I of LSRB Annual Progress Report section containing the account-grants, expenditure, balance and grants requested for the next year of the project. (Kindly refer Annexure II for this)
2. Part II brief summary of progress in the year (not more than three to five pages). (Kindly refer Annexure II).

The Principal Investigator may be asked to make the technical presentation on the progress of the work before the Specialist Panel/LSRB. In such cases it is expected that the PI will be present in person to brief the panel/LSRB on the progress of the project. Only in extraordinary circumstances he/she should pass on this responsibility to others and not be present at the meeting. The presentations should be well planned, clear and be upto the point. The panels would review the progress of the projects based on the annual report and that of the monitor (s) and recommend continuation/revision of scope/closure/short closure of projects to Secretary, LSRB.