Management Services

Historical Background

History of this Directorate can be traced back to 1979 when DRDO HQrs was reorganised. In 1979, two sections namely RD-29 (b) I and RD-29 (b) were created under AD (Budget/Plan) to deal with matters like general administration, contingency, telephones, travel etc. In Dec 1982, a need to have a separate Directorate of Establishment was felt and this Directorate was created with Dy Dir (Estt) as its head. Lt Col SK Mangal was the first officer incharge of this Directorate. In 1983, DD (Admin) was merged with Dy Dir (Estt) and was renamed as Dy Dir (Adm/Estt). keeping the overall growth of DRDO and responsibilities of this Directorate in view, this post was upgraded to the post of a Director (Adm/Estt) in 1986. Lt Col KP Gupta thus became the first Director. In Mar 1991, this Directorate was divided into two distinct Directorates i.e. Directorate of Admin and Directorate of Management Services. Duties allotted to each of these Directorate were as follows:-

Directorate of Administration:

To DEAL with matters pertaining to administrative support for Labs/Estts e.g., JCM/Union/Associations, Schools, Canteens, Factories Act etc.

Directorate of Management Services:

To DEAL with matters concerning administrative support to DRDO HQrs e.g., transport, accommodation, telephones, office equipment, stationary, TA/DA etc.

The above two Directorates were again merged into one Directorate in Nov 1992 and known as Directorate of Management Services. First Director of this reorganised Directorate was Brig SA Zaidi. This nomenclature & Organisation has been retained till date.